Monday, July 14, 2008

Word Splash!

Thanks to Sean at Alone and Unobserved for the link to Wordle, a programme that creates 'word clouds' from any website. I put in the link to The Late Review and this is what it came up with:

The programme highlights words according to frequency. Interesting that the words 'Kokoomus' and 'homophobia' are right next to one another – and I didn't even put them there! And as for Kanerva, well, I'm easily provoked.

PS: Sean I'm not sure how to make the image appear larger; can you help? Thanks!


Jér said...

Nice, Wordle, David.

As for increasing the picture size, just find the following line in the code Wordle gave you:

and replace it with:

(with no line breaks) and republish the post.

DavidH said...

Thanks for this. I've replaced the code but nothing seems to have happened... The full code I've used is: Is there anything missing? OK, now it won't allow me to post the code here. Infuriating! If you happen to be on FB chat later on, perhaps we can sort it out there. Many thanks!