Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Tuesday, November 29, 2005

First Contact

What exactly is to be the purpose of this blog? I’m uncertain myself, as I tentatively type these first words. On the one hand it is what it says, a late review, a forum for views and reviews, ideas and opinions; a meeting place for the literary-minded, the critical, the humorous; a melting pot of minds, languages, cultures, politics. I see this blog as almost like a play with me and my closest friends as its cast of characters. Moments shared, thoughts provoked.

As the page develops I hope to share my thoughts on everything from books, theatre, language, the noble art of translation, music classical and otherwise noteworthy to the quirks of living in Finland, all things queer and subversive, eating in and out, travel, and the little observations that make life so endlessly fascinating.

Myself a Braidottian nomadic subject, this page should and will naturally develop into a multi-lingual forum, alternating primarily between English and Finnish, with a pinch of Swedish if I’m feeling lucky. Primarily, I would like to showcase notable works of new Finnish and Nordic literature, and explore the world of classical music, cinema and the arts in Scandinavia for the English-speaking reader. There are deplorably few works of Scandinavian literature published in English or films shown in the UK, so perhaps in some small way I can open the door ajar.

Mainittakoon, että pysyn ainakin vähäksi aikaa blog-vammaiseksi, joten nämä ensimmäiset viikot ja viestit menevät lähinnä kokeilun piikkiin. Ajan myötä sivu laajenee ja paranee, ja teknologian tuntemukseni senkun kasvaa – toivon mukaan!